Ladies…yoga for “that time” of the month. FREE video

Well…I know SOMEBODY needs this right now! You’re welcomed.  Want more? DOWNLOAD my 20 minute SOUL YOGA PROJECT Click Here  

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2015: resolution evolution!


this year i am not ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’ or trying to ‘manifest’ anything. this is NOT a list of resolutions….it’s a list of things that 2014 has taught me how to do.   1. love all the way family and friends: whatever you are is what i am. it is my duty to love you all the way, regardless of any bits and pieces about you that make feel some type of way! (potential) lovers: see “family and friends” , because I will love you like that first before we do anything else. i will not make you into a sexual, romantic, or financial object. i will not manipulate you into any of my romantic illusions and call it “love”. what you can do for me or how you can ‘make’ me feel will have no bearing on how we move forward as individuals.   2. not afraid to be afraid i’m comfortable with little obstacles like fear and discomfort. success is alwaya right outside of my comfort zone at all times. i’m ok with with being stretched and pulled forward!   3. document and celebrate every single moment is fleeting. the present moment is all we ever have,  and all the moments are important. in my last days, i’m sure i’ll fondly remember things that didnt’ seem to have much meaning when they actually occurred. thank god for selfies, status updates, and all those other cute things we have at our disposal! what a gift to give to my grandkids! shout out to eckert tolle’s the power of now   4. count my blessings, literally. new to my altar: the god box and my vase of blessings. the goals and desires go into the god box, when they show up, it goes into the blessings vase. looking forward to counting them at the end of 2015! 5. RISE! early, that is. yes, i am up at an ungodly hour everyday as it is…but it’s truly magical! it’s my power hour. it’s where i generate and create my day.   6. OPEN to love in all forms! this is an extension of #1.  i want to be seen as a whole human being, therefore i adjust my eyes and ears and heart to see everybody else as such. my most blissful relationships are the non romantic ones, so I take time and effort to nurture those. i’m giving thanks not […]

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FREE Yoga by Candlelight at the W Hotel in SF


Family, don’t miss my next Yoga event! We call it WINE and UNWIND. Yoga, candles, Soul music, wine and some mighty fine folks. Prizes, too! If this sounds like your kind of party, grab your yoga mat and join us this Thursday, December 4 at the W Hotel, 181 3rd st San Francisco, at 6pm. It’s FREE. See u Soon!    

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