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Health Pavilion 2(1)

FREE YOGA video, Ladies: Yoga for that time of the month!

Backache, cramps, headache….PLUS you feel like you wanna punch somebody! Aunt Flo is here and you’re all kinds of messed up…I know SOMEBODY needs this right now! You’re welcomed.  :-)

Want more? DOWNLOAD my 20 minute SOUL YOGA video Click Here



Q&A with Nikki, part 2

More Q&A fun!


Morning Yoga Stretch (while you’re still in bed)!

First off, don’t laugh at my goofy PJ’s! LOL. These are some good stretches to do even before your feet hit the floor. See? Now you feel all accomplished even *before* that first cup of coffee. 😉 #yogalife


Q & A with Nikki!

I thought it might be fun to answer some FAQ’s from my Facebook family. Yeah….


5 min yoga break: Office Yoga!

Well yeah, if you’ve been hunched over your computer all day….you’re going to need to stretch some things out. Take a 5 minute break and get these moves in to get you back into productivity mode.


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