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Natural Hair Among Black Women Now Mainstream

Although we’ve known for several years that more and more black women are favoring natural hair styles over relaxing or straightening their hair, mainstream media is finally taking notice.

USA Today recently covered this topic in the article, ‘Natural’ hair is making waves among black women. Black women across the country are embracing their natural hair and enjoying the flexibility and creativity available with natural hair styles.

The Huffington Post also covered the topic in its article, Natural Hair Becoming Even More Popular Among Black Women.

Both articles discussed the natural hair trend and how it is changing the hair care industry. According to market research firm Mintel, sales of hair relaxers has dropped by 17% between 2006 -2011, and 36% of women surveyed reported not using relaxers to chemically straighten their hair, up 10% from 2010.

Why such the fascination, now? Black women are tired of damaging their hair with relaxers. Some haven’t seen their natural hair since they were children and long to go natural.

We’ve always had a love/hate relationship with our hair and going natural isn’t something that’s done overnight. Black women have to be mentally ready to go natural. You don’t just wake up in the morning and say, “I’m going to let my hair grow out today.” It’s a decision that can take years to make, but once a woman has embraced the beauty of her natural hair, there’s usually no turning back!

Celebrities and Madison Avenue have also embraced the natural hair trend. When black women can see “themselves” on television and in magazines sporting a TWA or locks or twists, it’s a validation that’s it okay to wear their hair natural.

What do you think of the images portraying black women today? Have you jumped on the natural hair bandwagon? Are you considering going natural?


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Wendy Williams asks: Is Beyonce really preggers?

When Beyonce’s baby bump appeared to crumple on an Australian talk show, rumors quickly surfaced that she is wearing a prosthetic and a surrogate is carrying her child. The singer’s rep was quick to insist that the claims are “stupid, ridiculous and false,” but Wendy Williams isn’t so sure.

“What is that? Is that a baby bump? I don’t know,” she said on her talk show this week. She went on to compare Beyonce’s pregnancy posture to what she experienced when pregnant and on bed rest.

“I can tell you when I would get out of bed and sit up at the kitchen table I wouldn’t be able to sit like that,” she said. “I was too concerned about my back and the baby. Even at five months, I sat like this.” She dramatically leaned back into her chair, barely bending at the waist.

Wendy also showed the audience the photo of Beyonce showing off her baby bump in a bikini, claiming that her non-pregnant tummy would look similar.

On Thurday, Media Takeout reported a rumor that Beyonce’s former assistant is three months pregnant and recently moved into luxury digs in Bermuda.